Planning and Strategic Direction in Civil Aviation

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Planning and Strategic Direction in Civil Aviation

Post  Eddy_kn on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:10 am

Planning and Strategic Direction in Civil Aviation

In an evolving and rapidly changing aviation environment, review your Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies.

How You Will Benefit

* Gain awareness of the need to design a new project at the highest level
* Anticipate and adapt to changes in the aviation industry
* Respond efficiently to the requests/demands of all stakeholders
* Learn new tools that will facilitate the design of elements of the new project
* Define the Vision, Mission and Strategies for your organization

Designed for

* Senior Managers
* Middle Managers
* Managers / Supervisors

Course Content

* Changes in aviation
* Need to adapt or anticipate changes
* A new project of organization
* Strategic responsibilities of officials and executives
* Master Plans: Civil Aviation, Airports, Air Navigation, as tools for long term planning
* Swot analysis
* New project: Vision, Mission, and Values
* Formulation of a 5-year strategy
* Implementation of the strategy: Annual
* Operational Plan
* A balanced control system

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