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Organization Development & Restructure Empty Organization Development & Restructure

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Organization Development & Restructure

In today’s very dynamic business environment, organizational structure and effectiveness play a big role in transforming conceptualized strategies into reality through the appropriate roles’ definition and organizational design.

The objective of this course is to make you able to analyze various management options to meet the organizational challenges in contemporary businesses. Classical approaches as well as more contemporary approaches are explored in pursuit of the best suited organizational processes and structures.

The course deals with the overall organizational structures, decision-making mechanisms, coordination, the contingency factors as well as their impact on the merit of an organization.

This course focuses on the problems of implementing and adapting strategy in complex international organizations. It is concerned with the unique management and organization issues that confront corporate, business unit, functional and geographic managers as they attempt to maximize the competitiveness of their respective organizations. How do these issues present themselves to managers in different parts of the firm? What are the practices and organizational concepts that will help resolve them?

Designed for

Professionals who deals with organizational structure, HR, and strategies for companies or departments

Course Content

* Why organizational structure is important
* Definition of organizational structure.
* The key elements defining an organization’s structure.
* Factors that favor different organizational structures.
* The main organizational structures
* Why do structures differ?
* Organization and Internationalization

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